Garden Lighting Coming Soon

by Jason Lee

We at Dwarvin know that wired lights in a garden environment are less than desirable due to the effect that weather can have on the wiring, no matter how careful you are.

This is why we are working hard to develop a “lighting without wiring” solution for the Garden G Scale enthusiasts such as yourselves.  Last year I experienced first hand what a garden layout can look like when I visited an old school friend who lives near the Puffing Billy train line just outside of Melbourne, Australia.  You guys have some really fun stuff is all I can say.

We would like to make sure that what we develop really meets your needs, so if you are interested in helping us, please can you drop me a line at with your email address, location and even phone number so we can start to dialogue together.

I’m very much looking forward to developing a product dedicated to the Garden Layouts.

Thanks, and blessings


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