Lamplighter™ Flasher Starter Kit
Lamplighter™ Flasher Starter Kit
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ Flasher - front
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ Flasher - side
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ Flasher - top
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ Flasher - side
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ Flasher - side
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ Flasher - side
Lamplighter™ Flasher Starter Kit

Lamplighter™ Flasher Starter Kit

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Introducing the newest addition to the revolutionary Lamplighter™ line of scenery lighting.

**Select your fiber size - see above**

The Starter Kit includes: 

  • Lamplighter FL
  • 18V Power supply (110 / 240V) US Plug
  • 20 fiber connector pins
  • Your choice of 2 different or same sizes of fiber (60ft in total length)
  • 2 sets of 10 fiber connector pins to match the fiber selected
  • 6 JST Connectors (2 for power, 4 for trigger)

With the addition of the Lamplighter FL (FL stands for Flashing) box you will now have the ability to not only illuminate your scenery to give it sparkle and depth, but also to create animated effects to give even greater interest to your art work.

View our introductory video!

We also made some how-to videos to see everything in action:

Inserting Fibers into the Lamplighter™ FL Using the Fiber Pins

Turning on and configuring your Lamplighter FL Animation Unit

Using the Lamplighter FL Animator to Integrate Triggering a Railroad Crossing

The Lamplighter FL uses exactly the same ‘lighting without wiring’ approach you have come to enjoy using the identical fibers as used with the Lamplighter 1 and 2 boxes.  So now in addition to providing street lamps and illuminating  areas of your layout, you can get your emergency vehicles flashing, add flashing railroad crossing lights, put a blinking light on top of a tall building or on a buoy …  you can allow your imagination to run wild.

Providing 8 ports with individual lighting attributes, with 2 fibers per port, the Lamplighter FL box gives you a total of 16 lights from the one unit.  Lights can be used in 2 different modes, either flashing or blinking.  The flashing frequency can be varied over a large range.  The duration and frequency of the blinking functionality can also be varied to provide lighting blips or long pulses.

Control over the unit is achieved in one of two ways - either through a key pad on the box or through DCC.  From the key pad and LCD display you can determine exactly how each port will function (this is stored in the unit once it power is removed).  Alternatively, the unit can be attached to a DCC controler so you can issue all the instructions needed to turn ports on and off and determine their functionality.  This unit incorporates state of the art control through DCC.

Activation of all the ports can also be determined by triggers that you may have installed or want to install on your layout.  So now you can install a railroad crossing with flashing lights and have it triggered by the proximity of an on coming train; that could also activate brake lights on a car at the crossing for added realism.

The Lamplighter FL allows you to connect 3 different sizes of fiber - 0.75, 1 and 1.5mm diameters.  This allows for different amounts of light, flexibility of fiber and accessibility to very small areas.

Connecting Detectors / Bells etc.

To connect detectors / bells to the unit you can do so using either 6 JST Connectors, or the 2 Port and 8 Port Terminal Blocks.  The Blocks are sold separately and enable connection without the need to solder wires.  If no Blocks are bought, then a set of 6 JST Connectors will be added to the box at no charge.

Attaching the unit:

A magnetic attachment plate comes with the unit.  You can screw the plate to a post and the Flasher unit then attaches to the plate and can be easily removed to modify the functionality of the unit or adding fibers. 

This addition now allows you to use fiber optics for all of your scenery lighting without the need to do wiring.

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