N Scale Globe Lamps

N Scale Globe Lamp Set

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The Dwarvin Street Lamps add interest to the layout without being obtrusive.   They are sold in sets of 3.
The Globe Lamps are made using 3D printing material.  The aim is to reproduce prototypical lighting and as such they are scaled to be equivalent to 12’ (4m) in height.  
  • These are easy to insert - just drill a 1/16” diameter hole in the layout and insert the fiber through the hole and then the base of the lamp, which will be a snug fit into the  hole. Then insert the fiber beneath the layout into the Lamplighter box.  Each lamp comes with 3’ (~1m) of 0.75mm fiber optic to allow easy placement in proximity to the Lamplighter box.
To change the ambiance / color, add a drop of translucent paint to either end of the fiber.  If you add it to the end of the fiber that is inserted into the Lamplighter, then make sure the paint is dry prior to inserting the fiber into the Lamplighter box.  See the video on how to do this.  To create an old world look, I use the Tamiya X-26 Orange Translucent paint, however, you may use whatever paint you like or even a colored marker.