Dwarvin Testimonial - Jim Long

I have been model railroading for many years and have used all types of bulbs and all types of LED’s to light my building, yards, street lights, etc. Like other model railroaders I have faced the challenges of fixing the lights in place, running low voltage circuits, soldering many fine wires, and keeping the wiring organized under the benchwork. Dwarvin has developed a simple, time and cost effective fiber optic system that takes most of the difficult tasks out of lighting your layout and saves many hours of installation. Simply drill a tiny hole in your scenery where you want the light, insert the end of an optic fiber; insert the other end of the fiber in the light box and WaLa!! you have light. Paint the end of the fiber the light color you would like.  If you want to change locations, simply drill a new hole and move the fiber; no cutting and re-soldering wires. I recommend that model railroaders give this system serious consideration when modifying or installing all types of lighting on their layout. Think time, effort, cost, and flexibility.

-Jim Long, PA