Dummy HO RailRoad Crossing - No Signage

Dummy HO RailRoad Crossing - No Signage

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This HO scale RR Crossing mirrors the active ones but is designed to face rearward such that only the back of the crossing is ever seen.  It has no fiber, no lenses, and no signage on it.  The purpose of this is to provide a less expensive way to have pairs of crossings (A Railroad Crossing Signal plus a Dummy one) for a crossing that can normally only be seen from one direction.

To mount the unit, just drill a 1/8" hole in the layout, insert the fibers and then the tubing to the desired depth.  The size of this hole will provide a snug fit for the RR Crossing post, keeping it from swiveling around.


  • Width:3/4” (2cm)
  • Diameter of Fiber: 1mm
  • Length of Fiber:  None