Dwarvin Lamplighter™ 1 - front view
Dwarvin Lamplighter™ 1 - side view

Lamplighter 1

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The Lamplighter System is an innovative system using fiber optics.  Based on using a very intense light system underneath the train table (or dolls house or whatever), fibers are then run into the space to be illuminated.  The light source is 30+ times brighter than the typical LED used in hobby applications, which allows lighting of buildings and creating street lamps that will really glow well.  The lighting of even a single fiber is intense. 

The light output of a single 1.5mm fiber is equivalent to a typical 20mA LED.

To light a structure all one has to do is snip off the appropriate length of an optical fiber, insert one end into the Lamplighter box and run the other end up through a hole into the structure.  Each Lamplighter box allows you to light up multiple structures, making the addition of lights into many structures very simple.  We recommend using 1.5mm diameter fibers to light buildings, and 1.0mm for street lamps and 0.75 and 0.5mm for trees and other applications.   We sell and recommend using the highest quality of fiber - inferior brands will not be as bright and are prone to breaking when bent

Each Lamplighter can hold 13 1.5mm fibers, or 28 1.0mm fibers or any mix thereof.


L: 4 7/16"(11.2cm)  W: 2 3/8"(6.1cm)   H: 1 1/4" (3.2cm)

Length with Flanges: 5 7/16" (13.8cm) 


  • No wiring needed!!
  • Add light to structures in a matter of seconds.
  • Cost effective when compared with other commercial systems.
  • No heat is dissipated in or near the buildings being illuminated.
  • Lighting effects are limited only by your imagination