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Vertical IR Detector Unit
Vertical IR Detector Unit
Vertical IR Detector Unit
Vertical IR Detector Unit
Vertical IR Detector Unit
Vertical IR Detector Unit

Vertical IR Detector Unit

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A detector is an essential part of the Dwarvin Integrated RR Crossing system.

This detector makes detection of locomotives or rolling stock easy and reliable.  Just place the sensor where its invisible light beam will reflect off the object of interest and you're done - no time-consuming or frustrating adjustments!  Based on modern silicon technology, this reflective infrared proximity sensor is tolerant of ambient (background) lighting conditions, be it completely dark or under full lights, with no false triggering.  Combined with a discrete under-track installation, this low-profile sensor solves many of the challenges that plague other optical detector products

Once a train or carriage goes over the sensor, it reflects the light down into an integrated sensor.  This is an all-in-one detector system which does not require separate transmitters and detectors to be mounted at peculiar angles to make it work. 

Electrical Connections:

It is designed to be used with the Lamplighter™ FL animation unit.  The detector comes with a QWIIC connector attached to 8ft of wire.  Just plug the output from the unit (the white wire) into the trigger port on the Lamplighter FL unit, and the power plug into the power output on the unit. To avoid soldering, you can buy the 8 Port Terminal Block for the Trigger inputs and the 2 Port Terminal Block for the power connections.  Note:  The Lamplighter FL unit comes with a 6 JST plug connector set, unless the Terminal Blocks are ordered.  These require soldering to connect the Detectors to the Trigger inputs on the Lamplighter Flasher Unit. 

Each detector can be added to the Lamplighter using the same trigger port if it is configured to trigger the same RR Crossing or Block Detection section.  See the instructions for the Lamplighter FL for further clarification.  Hence, if you had say 4 tracks on the level crossing and you wanted to use an approach / leave detection system on each track you would need at least 8 detectors.  These can all be wired into the same detection port on the Lamplighter FL and a train on any line will trigger the RR Crossing.

Note that this detector can be used in combination with with other detectors on the same layout and all plugged into the Lamplighter FL unit.

The Vertical IR Detector is compatible with all model train gauges.  It is elegantly simple to mount and operate.  It mounts underneath the rails using small drill holes, see the diagram below.


Length:  2"

Width: 1/4"

Drill holes:  3/8" and 1/6" pilot hole (see image below).

Wires:  3 of 8ft long wires (Red, black and White) attached via a QWIIC connector.

Delay for turning off:  5sec. hardwired.  Note: the Lamplighter FL unit provides additional variable off-time up to 4 1/2 minutes.