For Hobby Lighting, best Fiber Optic Cable Size and Length to use

by Michael Groves

Match the light output for Craft lighting to the amount of light needed 

Which fiber to use?

The 1.5mm diameter fiber is the usual first choice in developing your lighting system.  This is because it is 2 1/4 times brighter than the 1.0mm diameter fiber and, therefore, typically provides the right lighting for a house on the layout using only one fiber.   Larger buildings will require more fibers if all of it is to be lit inside.

The 1.0mm diameter fiber is ideal for street lamps.  This is the one that we incorporate into the Dwarvin lamps.  However, some customers want to create their own lights, for which this fiber is the most recommended.

Other fiber sizes can be specially ordered from Dwarvin, but for that you will need to contact Dwarvin by email.

How much Fiber?

Many modelers use a 3ft length for each light, sometimes less, sometimes a bit more.  For your convenience we have packaged both fibers offered in 30ft bags.

Starter Kit:

Clearly a Lamplighter™ box without any fiber isn’t very helpful!  So, we are offering a Starter Kit which consists of the regular Lamplighter box and power supply, together with 30ft of the 1.5mm fiber.  The price of this kit is reduced compared to buying the elements separately.  We hope this is convenient as you start to implement fiber optic lighting in your hobby.

Purchase the Starter Kit

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