Dwarvin - a family run business for Craft Light

by Michael Groves

So you’re probably wondering who is at work on the product.  Austin Mitchell is, and he is the Founder’s grandson.  Austin started working on the railroad several years ago, helping his Grandad change wheel sets on all the rolling stock and then making and debugging some circuitry containing relays to prevent shorts on a switching coal yard (he’s very good with a soldering iron and logic). 

When the first prototype of the Lamplighter™ box was made in September 2015, it attracted Austin’s attention, indeed, that’s when he saw the light!  He then helped make the first Lamplighter boxes using very high intensity LED's that were then used on Grandad’s layout providing a great opportunity for debugging the design.

Since February of 2018, Austin has been in charge of production having added significantly to the manufacturing.  Austin is now in his 11th year enjoying home schooling, and is a budding engineer.  

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