Dwarvin breaks into N-Scale without trying!

by Michael Groves

Michael and Austin were kindly invited by Mike Dettinger to do several clinics at the Amherst Railroad Show, Friday Jan 25th. In addition to talking about the development of the product, we were asked to provide product for a clinic creating dioramas based on N-Scale layouts, Austin made smaller Swan Neck lights for these clinics, and the participants also used 1mm diameter fibers to light their buildings. It was a big success with the modelers loving the idea.

Gary Toothe adding the new Dwarvin N-Scale Lights to his diorama he had made.

(Gary Toothe adding the new Dwarvin N-Scale Lights to his diorama he had made.)

 On the Saturday, when the show opened it was all men on deck as customers came to purchase their own Dwarvin systems. Our first customer walked away with 4 Lamplighters plus lamps and fiber optic fibers!  We were overwhelmed by the response. So, although to date all of our experience has been with only HO scale, we believe we are now positioned to enter the N-Gauge market and will have suitable lighting products on our product list in the very near future. Thanks to all of you who showed us the way.

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