Dwarvin Featured on Model Railroader Video

by Michael Groves

Installing a Dwarvin Lamplighter System

Cody' Workshop, that was just released Jan 28th, has a video focusing on Dwarvin in their Model Railroader Video Plus!  He shares a quick and easy way to add illuminated lamps to a darkened station platform on their MR&T HO scale layout. He states '... secret to success (and simplicity) can be found in the Dwarvin Enterprises Lamplighter System that uses fiber-optic cables.

He suggests watching the video, and then reading more about the system in the April 2020 issue of Model Railroader magazine.

Here are 3 images taken from the free version of the video - if you subscribe to MRVP you can see the whole workshop.  To see part of it, click here!

In the images below, Cody shows our 2 Lamplighters together with three HO Globe lamps.  After removing the existing electrical lights (image 2) he replaces them with one of the Globe lamps.  Of course the special feature is, no wiring needed.

Globe lamps

No wiring needed

Final Globe Lamp

Globe lamps can be found here or our full product range here

Thank you for reading!

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