Fiber Optics used to Create a Well Known Train Bridge Logo

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October is a busy month for sure for us model railroaders. Dwarvin is attending the MER rail convention at the Crowne Plaza, King of Prussia Oct 11-12th and will be showing some more new products there. Austin (my grandson) collaborated with Mike Dettinger and together they came up with a bridge lit with our fiber system. It's modeled on the rail bridge in Trenton that states, 'Trenton Makes - The World Takes'.  The photo doesn't do it justice, it's best to see it in real life with trains running through! See it at Timonium Oct 26th.

Michael Dettinger and I will do a clinic at one of the Amherst January 2020 train show demonstrating how to both build and light such a structure.  So stay tuned.  Here's a close up of the bridge.


1 comment

  • Mal Chase

    I just moved 250 miles from a very large city to a much smaller city. Now I’m designing a new layout from scratch. Since, out of necessity, my space will be more limited, I plan to put much more detail into it. Yesterday, I came across your site and was instantly fascinated by your products and the very broad range of applications they have. I will definitely be ordering some of your products as soon as I know what my needs will be. I will also make sure that my friend Hal Kinsey of Central Hobbies in Vancouver, B.C. is aware of your business. His store is the premier model train outlet in the Greater Vancouver area and the rest of B.C. as well.
    I wish you great success in your business!

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