How to Easily Mount your HO Swan Neck Lamp featuring Dwarvin Owner Michael Groves

by P.A.Media


One of Dwarvin’s top selling products is the HO Swan Neck Lamp.  These lamps are the thinner design and come conveniently in a pack of three with all fibers fully attached.  The mossy green color of the lamp itself fits perfectly to create a natural look to your landscape and layout designs.   Installation of the HO Swan Neck Lamp is very simple, as it is explained in the video above by the owner of Dwarvin Enterprises, Michael Groves.



A snug fit is recommended as that prevents the fiber underneath the layout from movement or turning of the lamp above.  For the HO Swan Neck Lamp, a 1/8 drill bit is highly recommended as it will ensure that secure fit for your lamp. 

Step One – Using your drill with the 1/8 bit, carefully drill a hole into your layout for where you would like your lamp to be placed.  

Step Two – Take the fiber and feed it down into the hole in your layout/board.  Pull the fiber all the way through and insert your lamp into the layout.

Step Three – The fiber should then be inserted into your Lamplighter System which can be adjusted to suit your needs – dimmable to be able to create a nice round pause of light to showcase your model.

That’s it!

Dwarvin is committed to creating a functional lighting system that is easy to use and provides quality lighting for your layout.

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