O Gauge Model Train Layout interview with Ray Kerollis and Grandson

by Michael Groves

Ray Kerollis is an avid train modeler and has been working on his layout for 9yrs now.  He discovered the fiber optic lighting from Dwarvin Enterprises and has added a lot of lights.  The main products he used are the Highway, Carriage and Industrial Building lamps.  It has really added some sparkle to his layout.  Michael and Shirley interviewed him whilst visiting him and want to show you what he has done with his layout.  When there we showed him the brand new O Gauge DFL Railroad Crossing kit and I could see his eyes lit up as the crossing lit and the bell went off.  He now has one on his layout!

His grandson, Spencer did all the lighting work, and told us how relieved he was not to doing wiring on this model train layout.

It's always fun to see what others have done with their layouts, especially when they have integrated our lighting products!  

You can see the interview by going to our YouTube site here.  You will see a unique product specially modified for Ray's layout. 

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