Paul McCarty Interviewed on the Fiber Guild!

by Michael Groves

Paul McCarty joined us in the Fiber Guild on Facebook (Fiber Guild) and talked about all the creative ways he is using fiber optics.  According to Paul it revolutionized how he was able to light objects.

Fiber Optic Moon glow

Amongst his many bright ideas, he shared his moon glow lighting.  For this he used a large side glow fiber with nicks in it covered by blue cellophane.  As you see from the picture, it gave a lovely blue night glow to the layout.  That’s quite tricky to get on camera.

Paul McCarty Moon Glow

Lighting a Cave with Fiber Optics

Another was lighting a cave. He was concerned that using an LED would provide too much heat into the small space of the cave. So he inserted the fiber added different warm colored paints to the end of the fiber, enclosed that in cellophane. The result as you can see is an interesting glow that even allows him to show off the hieroglyphics in the back of the cave behind the Indian who is standing in front of them.

Lighting in cave

Fiber Optic Light House

Another creative approach was how he lit a lighthouse. He took the fiber and inserted it into a translucent straw and then wrapped clear cellophane inside the enclosure so that it created small reflections.  The realism is incredible.

Lighthouse with Fiber Optics 

You will have to watch the video to understand how he did these, but particularly if you want to follow Paul into uncharted waters of bioluminescence using fiber!!

Thanks Paul for sharing with the Fiber Guild you creativeness with using fiber optics.  

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