N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)

SKU: P12642527
N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)
N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)
N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)
N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)
N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)

N Scale RailRoad Crossing (DVFLRRX201)

SKU: P12642527
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This N scale RR Crossing is part of a prototypical system that a provides the ability to have a fully integrated RR Crossing system with train detection and sound.

It is designed to be used with and is fully compatible with the Lamplighter™ FL animation unit.  It is has a single flashing face and comes with 4ft of 0.75mm fiber attached to it.  


To mount the unit, just drill a 5/64" hole in the layout (this may be little tight - the tubing is 0.083" = 11/128" or 2.10mm diameter), insert the fibers and then the tubing to the desired depth.  The size of this hole will provide a snug fit for the RR Crossing post, keeping it from swiveling around.

The integration of the Crossing with the detectors and sound are shown in the block diagram below.

See the detector units that are available and compatible with the Lamplighter FL unit.


Use two adjacent Light Ports to connect the fibers to.  This will allow the lights to flash alternately.  If two RR Crossings are used on the same section, then you can connect all 4 fibers to the same two adjacent Light ports.  This way, the Lamplighter FL unit can service up to 4 separate crossing systems independently.


  • Width:3/8” (1cm)
  • Height: 2" (5cm)
  • Diameter of Fiber: 0.75mm
  • Lenght of Fiber:  3ft 
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