Fiber Connecting Kit for 1.0mm fiber (DVCK1.0)

SKU: P12642469
Fiber Connecting Kit for 1.0mm fiber
Showing Connected fiber using the kit

Fiber Connecting Kit for 1.0mm fiber (DVCK1.0)

SKU: P12642469
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Dwarvin introduces Fiber Connecting Kits to connect its most popular fibers, the 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5mm diameter fibers.

This product provides fiber connectors for

  • Modular layouts, requiring regular detachment of modules
  • Fibers inadvertently cut too short, or
  • Different diameter fibers

    The kit includes:

    • A 3ml syringe containing 1ml of connecting fluid, enough to make over 100 connections, and
    • 6 aluminum sleeves for 1.0mm fibers of 1” length each.

    People often ask about how to connect fibers and are there important techniques for doing so.  This is a big and important topic in modern day data and telecommunication technology.  For the hobby area, there are also some benefits from paying some attention to this topic as will be noted from the article “Fiber Connectors for Hobbyists Made Simple".  

    Using the techniques described in that article, or using this kit, improves your light output by 33% over just using a but coupling.  In some situations, this may not be important, but in situations in which you have planned for a certain light intensity, then it may be helpful.

    The video “Fiber Connectors using Coupling Fluid” will demonstrate how to use this product.

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