Dwarvin and COVID-19

A Note to Our Dwarvin Community

We, as the whole world, are following the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  The health and safety of our family employees and customers are our top priority. 

With this, we wanted to reach out and let you know what we are doing to be safe and how we plan to continue to deliver great products.

Our family is practicing self distancing

Usually, we all gather in our basement to put together and ship products. Now the boys (the Dwarves) are set up in their own home.  Last weekend we made the decision to separate and within hours their Dad, Joel, had rigged up work benches and lighting and they were up and running.

And Shirley is at home working on the HO Carriage Lamps, having just completed some N scale Globe and Carriage lamps ....

Dwarvin woman working on HO Carriage Lamps

We make sure our products are safe too

When you receive our products, you can be sure they are safe to handle.  Here are a few more notes on our process and what we are doing:

  • When materials come in, we wipe them down
  • Materials then go into storage for a week, before opening for use in our products
  • Once products are complete they come into our basement ready for shipping
  • New product arrivals are stored for a week prior to release for shipping
  • We have increased our inventory levels to allow for this procedure  

Wishing you and your family to be safe

It is our hope that you and your family stay safe during the time. And, with some extra time to work on your layout, it is a great time to add lighting!

Check out our full suite of products for your extra free time!