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The Lamplighter™ Flashing Animation Unit

  • Bring animated lighting to your layout
  • Same great fiber optic system
  • No wiring!
  • Integrate your triggers
  • DCC Controlled


Animate Your Scenery!

See the new flashing unit it action and imagine the possibilities!

The starter kit comes with the Lamplighter FL, power supply, 20 fiber connector pins, and 60ft of fiber

The Flashing Unit is a Game Changer

Add 16 Lights

Providing 8 ports with individual lighting attributes, with 2 fibers per port, the Lamplighter FL box gives you a total of 16 lights from the one unit. Lights can be used in 2 different modes, either flashing or blinking. The flashing frequency can be varied over a large range. The duration and frequency of the blinking functionality can also be varied to provide lighting blips or long pulses.

You are in control

Control over the unit is achieved in one of two ways - either through a key pad on the box or through DCC. From the key pad and LCD display you can determine exactly how each port will function (this is stored in the unit once it power is removed). Alternatively, the unit can be attached to a DCC controller so you can issue all the instructions needed to turn ports on and off and determine their functionality. This unit incorporates state of the art control through DCC.

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