“I love your products. They make my N Scale layout come alive!” - Herm S (WI)

 "What I love about this technology is it really stimulates creativity" - Rich V L (CO) 

“Lighting the layout looked as though it was going to be a pain, but using fiber made it so easy” David B (OH)


“I really like the directionality which helps create the sense of scale. I had been using LEDs for the buildings before I learned about your product.”  Leland P (TX)


“I enjoy your products! I am delighted, yes really. They install fast, easy and no soldering! Great “right out of the box” results. Did not bump my head trying to wire lights anymore working under my layout.”  
Peter W (NY)


"Your fiber lighting system is wonderful for my portable layout” - Karl D (NJ)


"When I opened the package from Dwarvin, I saw immediately just how elegantly simple this product was and how easy the installation would be.  The product slogan is ‘lighting without wiring’.  It truly lives up to this promise…. It is truly a ‘plug-and-play’ solution.” - Mark Juett


“I met Michael and his family a couple of years ago at a small mini-convention put on by my local NMRA Division. I saw the products Michael had developed at that time and thought here is a game changer. I purchased some of what was available and to this day I have to say that I am 100% delighted with the quality and ease of installation. I have also have had the privilege of working with him in the development of a few of his O scale lamps and find that his attention to detail and scale make his products 2nd to none.”Jerry S, MD


"Highly recommend Dwarvin Lamplighter system. I had never used fiber optics on any previous layouts but after talking to them at a show I decided to give it a try. Everything was as easy as advertised and so much less hassle than wiring. I now have two Lamplighters ... I am hooked." Roger S (IN)


"This is one of those items that is better than advertised ! I hadn't reached the point of even thinking about lighting my structures when I saw the story in MR and right away I knew I had to get this. There was no problem inserting just one curved fiber into the box. It still shone brightly 30 feet away. I thought I would need two fibers for my textile mill, but one will suffice. Thank you for making a 71 your old guy still feel the excitement of a kid !" Roger H (MA)


"I have been in model railroading for over 50 year, both professionally and for myself. However, I had never implemented lighting on any of my builds or layouts. The Dwarvin lighting system is the greatest advance in the model railroading hobby in the last 10 years. I've now implemented it on my dioramas as well as my own layout." - Al Judy


"The bottom line then, Dwarvin’s new block signal (for quality, innovation, packaging, and customer support) is five stars in all categories. I will definitely be purchasing more of the block signals for my layout and look forward to their next product release." - Marten Z