How to Light a Building with the Lamplighter System in 5 Steps

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Lighting a building with the Lamplighter System in 5 steps

In this video, Michael shows how he brings life to the buildings in his layout with the Lamplighter System!  (Steps also below)


1) Add aluminum foil on the inner ceiling with tacky glue (shiny side out)

2) Add aluminum foil to the back of the inner building

3) Use parchment paper or tissue paper to put over the windows. (use crayons to color). These look like curtains!

4) Drill your hole in your layout where the building will go.  (A stirring straw can help keep the fiber straight.)

5) Light up your Lamplighter and add the building!

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  • Rich Bergen

    Well Done Michael! The layout looks great also! Thank you for the great customer service by the way.

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