Camaro Billboard Utilizing Fiber Optic Lights
Closeup of Camaro Billboard Utilizing Fiber Optic Lights

Camaro Billboard

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Dwarvin's fiber-lit Billboards will add to your overall lighting by accentuating a rooftop, a highway or other parts of your layout.  Each one comes preinstalled with 9ft of 1mm fiber (3ft for each light) that is so easy to install.  Drill 3 holes using the template provided and insert the fiber into one of your Lamplighter™ boxes.  It couldn't be easier!  It's the same simplicity you have come to expect with the Dwarvin lighting system. 

Currently, we provide 11 different unique signs taken from the mid 1900's. They are designed primarily with HO scale in mind, but can be used in other scales as well.

You can purchase your Billboard in one of two ways, pre-assembled, or as a 'flat-pack'. The 'flat-pack' has been engineered to provide very simple assembly that comes out looking perfect every time.

To insert the Billboard into the layout, you will need a 5/16" drill for the outer supports (which anchors the Billboard into the layout) and a 3/32" hole for the fiber from the center support to be fed through the layout.