Gooseneck lamp highlights men digging up road on model train layout

Industrial & Gooseneck Lamps

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    These lights provide prototypical directional lighting, so different from typical LED lighting used on layouts that tends to flood the area with light.  These are ideal for  providing lighting over a door, or along a road or just spot light a scene.
    Don't forget to see our newest lamp - the Double lamp - perfect for divided roads and railroad stations.

    The Gooseneck and Industrial Lamps come in packs of 3 for N and HO scales and of 2 for O Gauge, all except for the HO Double Gooseneck that comes in 2 per pack 
    7 products
    HO / On3 / On30 / S scale Swan Neck Lamps
    Swan Neck Lamp lit with fiber optics
    3 HO / On3 / On30 / S scale Swan / Goose Neck Lamps (DVSL101)
    2 HO / On3 / On30 / S scale Double Swan / Goose Neck Lamps (DVSL108)
    Industrial building lamps ideal for over the door lights on a train layout
    Industrial lamp over a door
    3 HO / On30 / On3 / S Industrial Building Lamps for Model Train Buildings (DVSL107)
    3 N Swan / Goose Neck Lamps (DVSL201)
    Building lit up with fiber optics
    N Industrial Building Lamps (DVSL204)
    2 O Gauge Swan Gooseneck Lamps (DVSL301)
    2 O Gauge Industrial Building Lamps (DVSL305)
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