Dwarvin Featured in Model Railroad Magazine's Online Video

The Lamplighter 2 was just recently highlighted in a video on Model Railroad Magazine Online!

The Lamplighter System is an innovative system using fiber optics.  Based on using a very intense light system underneath the train table (or dolls house or whatever), fibers are then run into the space to be illuminated.  The light source is 30+ times brighter than the typical LED used in hobby applications, which allows lighting of buildings and creating street lamps that will really glow well.  The lighting of even a single fiber is intense. 

 System Benefits:

  • No wiring needed!!
  • Add light to structures in a matter of seconds.
  • Cost effective when compared with other commercial systems.
  • No heat is dissipated in or near the buildings being illuminated.
  • Lighting effects are limited only by your imagination

Get Your Lamplighter 2 Kit Now and Get Lighting!

Not sure if this product is right for you?  We have a ton of information about how fiber optics work, or watch the video on how easy it is to install in your model layout!


Get Your Lamplighter 2 Kit Now and Get Lighting!