Switch Signal for Stall Motor Switches

by Michael Groves

In the past I had wired up LED’s and circuitry for indicating the direction of switches, but as it was labor intensive so I never got very far with that.  However, I realized that with a fiber based system we could come have a very simple design.

The advantage of stall motor switches is that they have a constant voltage applied no matter what state they are in.   If we just attach to this voltage then we don’t need to provide any extra power to the Signal Control unit.

So here are two new products we have come up with for stall motor switches.

Signal Switches

The first is the Switch Dwarf Signals for Stall Motors  
It consists of:

  • 3 Dwarf signals (green on red) with fiber attached
  • 1 Signal Controller unit
  • 2 Quick Splice Suit Case Connectors

The second is the Switch Tall Signals for Stall Motors
It consists of:

  • 3 Tall signals (green on red) with fiber attached
  • 1 Signal Controller unit
  • 2 Quick Splice Suit Case Connectors

Installation is very straight forward (details provided with the product)

  1. Attach the small Signal Controller (1” X 1”) onto a surface, on or near the Stall Motor using the velcro provided.
  2. Join the wires from the Signal Controller onto the voltage wires that drive the stall motor using the suit case connectors provided.
  3. Mount the dwarf or tall signals near the switch with the fibers hanging down beneath the layout.
  4. Insert the fibers into the Fiber Holder on the Signal Controller and you are done.

Below is the logic diagram:

Logic diagram of signal switch

From the chart above, when the switch is set so that the locomotive goes straight through, the signals going into and out of that line should be Green for go, but the one coming in from the branch should be red for stop.  Likewise, when the switch is thrown and it is in what we will call the “switched” mode, all the lights should be reversed.

Hear what our first 5 Customers said (release of 5 prototypes):

“Your new dwarf signals look prototypical, are easy to install, make the railroad look realistic and add an interesting element to operations”  Glenn P, MD.

“I’d love to put a bunch more of these on my layout”  Bryan W., WI.

“As quick and as easy as they were to install, I’m confident I could get the project (lights for a five-track yard with an automated ladder) done in a single night!”  Bryan W., WI

"I have been experimenting with others types, but this set is perfect for my needs. When it is available for purchasing, I will certainly be buying more”  Harry H., CA.

“Nice invention and so easy to install.  I will be ordering more when you start to mass produce.”  Karl C, NC

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