Using Hot Glue Gun to hold Fiber Optics in Place

by Jason Lee

Q.  Can I use a Hot Glue Gun to hold the Fiber in place?

A.  Yes, it should be fine to hot glue the fiber. The melt temperature for a low melt gun is 150 to 280C. The melt temperature for the fiber (which is a PMMA material) is 320C. Hence, it is reasonably mild on the fiber. However, do not use a high temperature glue gun which runs at 400C as this will surely melt the fiber.

You will notice that where you apply the hot glue to the fiber it will glow a bit when the light is turned on - this is because you are creating a path for the light, that is not running parallel to the fiber, to leak out. Keep the contact area small to minimize this effect and it should be fine.

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